Japanese craft rice

TAWAWA by AU farm Co. Ltd.

Au Farm Co., Ltd. cultivates 3 types of rice (Koshihikari, Akitakomachi, Nikomaru), 1 type of glutinous rice (Habutae Mochi), processing rice and feed rice. In addition to managing the cultivation of our own farms, we also undertake work contracted by local farmers (rice planting, rice harvesting, drying adjustment, etc.).

Introducing our year of rice production.

Raising seedlings (mid-March to early-April)

Rice planting (early April to late April)

Rice field management (weeding, control, water management) (May-July)

Rice harvesting (August-October)

Drying adjustment (September to October), sales

It can be said that the deliciousness of rice is determined by the amount of water it contains, so adjusting the dryness is one of the most important and delicate tasks.

We control the water content of rice to 15% and carefully polish it.