Studio koboke

we think.

small things, future things..

design to share your precious moments
sense of touch
transport protection gift box. uses the elasticity of paper
shapes created from the characteristics of the material
Vegetation and Architecture


live together plants and architecture

Following the natural light.

Design for feeling. natural sunlight, passing a pleasant breeze in the city.
Natural lighting
hug the natural sunlight
Space interacts with your bare feet
About ヶ/ke

Ha-le en Ke | ハレとケ

“Ha-le and Ke” is one of the traditional world views of Japanese accompanied by time theory, found by Kunio Yanagida.

In the case of “Ha-le and Ke” in folklore studies and cultural anthropology, “Ha-le (sunny day)” is “extraordinary” such as ceremonies, festivals, and annual events, “Ke” is the usual life “daily life” Respectively.  “ke” means common-day.

In “Ha-le”’s special moment, we distinguished “food, clothing, shelter (necessities of life), behavior, wording and the like from “Ke”.

Wikipedia「Ha-le” and “Ke | ハレとケ」:

Our name “ke = ケ”

Tools that have been used since ancient times has meaning the material, form, finish, all have meaning. They are improved and polished while being used in daily life. Our name “ke = ケ” has the meaning of learn such products with respect and designing something that can continue to be used as.