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‘De bewegelijkheid der massa’s, het spel van licht en donker, de tinteling der kleuren zullen er een voortdurende bron zijn van genot zoo voor den geest als voor het oog van den modernen mensch.’ 

Hoste, Huib. ‘De roeping der moderne architectuur‘. DE STIJLVol. 1 (No. 8), June 1918, p. 87. 

J A P A N S – B E L G I S C H – A M B A C H T E N – A T E L I E R

Makers- en ervaringsruimte voor Japans-Belgisch erfgoed, creativiteit en vakmanschap.

Modernistische ijzerwinkel, 1920,  H. Hoste. Beschermd Monument.

13 September 2020

event: Open Monumentendag

2020 be a special anniversary year for this building..


July 2020 –

Here are many unique spaces. Customize your atelier together..


July 2020 –

Here is gallery space with natural light

Coworking with WASHOKU

July 2020 –

Exploring WASHOKU. It’s Japanese Food and Unesco..

Herenhuis ヶ/ke

September 2020 –

It is a stay-type cultural exchange place..

Spa ヶ/ke

October 2020 –

We take a shower to keep your body clean, but in addition to Japan, there is a “ONYOKU” custom of taking a hot bath. This custom of soaking yourself in the bath is a culture unique to Japan. The “ONYOKU” promotes metabolism, flushes away waste products, and refreshes body tissues. It also dilates blood vessels, relieves stiffness and pain and provides relaxation. Many Japanese say that when they feel most comfortable in a day, they say that they are taking a bath, but that is also convincing..


October 2020 –

Shop Atelier ヶ/ke

October 2020 –

2-story the impressive modern space features an exhibition of international regional crafts. It may also include a historical analysis of the product. Climate, technical and everyday issues are the essence of our program. We invite our visitors to events such as guided tours, craftsman talks, talks and workshops.

Absorb inspiration.
The products are the result of a collaboration between modern architecture and craftsmen and makers from around the world, and from here it warms the old and creates new things. It is an open place and a shared atelier space.




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Nieuwstraat 39
8940 Wervik